This is where we share lessons. These lessons are produced under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike 4.0 International License. We kindly ask you to respect this.

On the right you can see a filter that you can use to find educational resources on this site.

We distinguish between different types of educational resources:

  • Lessons
  • Tips
  • Projects

Lessons are individual lessons of up to an hour that you can use in your classes, to replace or supplement existing material.

Tips are short texts that are linked to the IB 2020 Guide, which you can apply as an illustration of an economic concept and with which you can open a lesson, for example.

Projects are larger assignments that students can work on by themselves. You can use these as electives.

You can find lessons, tips and projects by using the filter on the right. You can select on a combination of:

  • Post type, for example lessons or tips.
  • Category: the domain or sub-domain from the IB guide.
  • Element: an element from the doughnut framework
  • Tag: a selection from the search terms we use.

You can use the ‘search’ field for another search term.

Recent (news) items can be found under the heading News. You can also use the filter on the right for news items related to lessons.

Another ‘post type’ is ‘deliberations’. Deliberations are posts in which we reflect on the place of the elements from the donut framework in economic education.