Do We Need Pandas?

Today a shorter post than I normally write. This is due to my work on a series of posts on a specific industry, which I want to kick off with a post on how to describe an industry. I am not satisfied with the result yet, so you have to wait a little longer for that post. 

There has been a book I wanted to write about for quite some time now, so I use this opportunity to do just that. The book in question is Do We Need Pandas? by Ken Thompson. It carries the subtitle “The uncomfortable truth about biodiversity”, which makes it clear what the book is about. If I was asked to describe it in one sentence, I would call it a “primer on biodiversity”. 

I believe it is specifically suited for economists, although you might find the first three chapters a little bit daunting – too much biology for your taste. However the fourth chapter is written especially with economists in mind, and covers the worth of biodiversity. At the end of this chapter, I hope you have widened your horizon beyond the monetary value of biodiversity, so Thompson can take you on an exploration of its threats. When you read this chapter and the chapters to follow, you will recognize the added value of the first chapters, and how they help you to better understand possible solutions.

Although Do We Need Pandas? may not have the definitive solution to biodiversity loss, it does make you better prepared for any discussions on the topic. Ultimately, when you are to teach 21st century economics based on the doughnut framework you want to be knowledgeable on the subject. Then it is a good thing to know you can be when you take the time to read the 145 pages Ken Thompson wrote. – You can also find me on LinkedIn